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About Jenny

Jennifer Zea is originally from Grand Rapids, MI. She is a graduate of Michigan
State University (Go State!). After college, Jenny moved to Los Angeles, CA to
pursue a career in the entertainment industry. While completing an internship with
KNBC (local NBC affiliate) and working with Jay Leno and the Tonight Show, Jenny found herself inspired by the amazing physical shape the celebrities around her were in. Her interest in learning more about their fitness regimines led her to Billy Blanks, creator of the acclaimed Tae Bo program. With Billy as her mentor, Jenny continued to examine ways in which a great workout routine not only keeps the body healthy, but the mind and soul as well.

Jenny later began a career as a trainer at Barry's Bootcamp. Working here not
only taught her how to push herself and her clients with innovative routines and
specialized moves for the best results, but reaffirmed her commitment to help
others get, and stay, in great shape. She found that the rigorous bootcamp
workouts not only strengthened her own resolve, but also helped her build fun and meaningful relationships with her classmates and clients.

In early 2009, Jenny and her fiancee decided to move to Chicago to be closer to
family. Along with starting as a personal trainer at a downtown Chicago gym,
Jenny put herself into her own "Buff Brides" program to prepare for her upcoming
wedding. She designed the perfect 6 and 3 month programs to get herself, and
subsequently her bride-to-be clients looking amazing on their wedding day!

After several years in Chicago, Jenny's clients have ranged from those just getting started in their fitness journey to those who call themselves "fitness fanatics". With her wide range of training, Jenny has been successful in helping people lose large amounts of weight, train for marathons, get in shape for their wedding, stay in shape during a pregnancy or get in shape post-baby. She is most famous for her bootcamp classes, which are rigorous, fun and attract a wide range of participants from all over the city and suburbs. Many of her clients will also claim that she is also pretty famous for being a bit of a "Social Director"...there is always an event in the works to help clients get to know one another and help support each other!

"Training with Jennifer was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I worked with her in preparation for my wedding and not only did she get me in incredibly fit, she taught me a lot about fitness and my body.

She made me feel even happier and more confident on my wedding day because she got me into such great shape.

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