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About Us

Phyzique is a personal training studio offering one-on-one instruction an energetic
line-up of unique classes.

Our L.A. trained instructor, Jennifer Zea has brought her extensive experience with
the moves that tone your favorite celebrities to the River North neighborhood of

Whether you choose to workout one-on-one with Jenny, with a friend, an entire
group of co-workers, or as part of a class, you will see results quickly.

We are passionate about getting you in shape and feeling good about yourself.

Phyzique is also the only fitness destination in the Chicagoland area dedicated to
building a community atmosphere.

You can work out anywhere - but it is the friends you make at Phyzique that will
have you looking forward to getting in shape...and keeping it up.

Our clients get to know each other and often end up becoming friends outside of
the studio. This community atmosphere not only makes working out fun, but will
give you access to a group of people who share a common goal, which helps to
keep you motivated.

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Jennifer Zea is originally from Grand Rapids, MI. She is a graduate of Michigan State University (Go State!).

After college, Jenny moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. While completing an internship with KNBC (local NBC affiliate) and working with Jay Leno and the Tonight Show, Jenny found herself inspired by the amazing physical shape the celebrities around her were in.

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