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Client Success Stories


Training with Jennifer was one of the best decisions I ever made. I worked with her
in preparation for my wedding and not only did she get me in incredibly fit, she taught me a lot about fitness and my body. She made me feel even happier and more confident on my wedding day because she got me into such great shape. She knew exactly which muscles to focus on and made me look as good as I felt.

Looking back at the pictures, I could not be happier with the results I achieved from working with Jennifer. She is extremely positive and fun to work with but most of all, she made my body look sculpted and toned and I could not have asked for more. I will definitely continue to work with Jennifer and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get in shape and look great!

About three months before my wedding, I went to the gym to join hoping to shake things up with my lackluster home gym routine. I learned about Jen's Buff Brides program and thought "how perfect"! It ended up working better for my busy schedule to do 1:1 training, but we followed a similar format. Every move we did somehow worked my core + arms + lower body, which was perfect for my shape up goals. OKAY- I sweat hard during my workouts- but I never really noticed it because we always had such fun during the routine!

Aside from the workout, I felt beautiful and confident again, something I never expected to gain. When it came to my wedding day, I felt SO confident, especially about my abs and arms, two trouble areas for me.

When I went on the honeymoon, I couldn't believe how fit I looked and also just glowing with happiness (for other reasons too of course!) I dropped a full size, and was finally able to wear those tiny 3" JCrew shorts I've always lusted after. Jen, I can't thank you enough for restoring not just my muscle tone, but my confidence and passion for fitness!

After a year and a half of training (with Jen), I can honestly say that I have not repeated the same workout twice.  Jen manages to add new elements to each session, which work together to meet my individual needs.  

Each workout remains a challenge, but Jen’s motivating personality and genuine commitment to my goals, make me look forward to our workouts. 

Jen has the unique ability to both befriend and motivate her clients.  She is genuinely interested in their well being inside and outside of the gym, and takes into account all factors when planning workouts. 

For instance, when I was training for a half marathon, after completing the race she was the first person to call me to congratulate me (early in the morning!). 

Her knowledge and extensive background help her design workouts specific to each individual.  The difference between working out with Jen and anyone else is there is not “standard workout”.  Each one is unique, and builds upon the individual progress. 

I started working with Jenny to slim down for my wedding and lose the excess weight I had put on when I had my son...three years before! For some reason, I just couldn't get back into working out and really needed some help.

I worked with Jenny three times a week and in the first three months, I lost 30 pounds. The weight loss was mostly due to the customized workouts Jenny designed for me, but I would never have lost that much weight so fast without Jenny inspiring me to eat better, workout on our "off days" and get excited about being healthy. I looked forward to telling her about my accomplishments (I lost 2 pounds! I skipped dessert! I fit into the Medium instead of the Large!) because she was genuinely excited - it was obvious that she got a lot of satisfaction in helping people feel better about themselves. I would get text messages from her saying thing like "Enjoy your weekend and try to squeeze in a workout if you can!" Of course, I didn't want to let her down...

My workouts were physically exhausting and emotionally uplifting. While my body was pushed hard, Jenny was friendly, encouraging and energetic. Since she had just planned her own wedding, we had a great time discussing all things bridal. I would walk in so stressed and then leave feeling empowered. There was never a moment of boredom - each and every workout was different and she remained engaged and attentive during our sessions. I learned so much from her, that I was able to make my own workouts so much more effective.

When I got pregnant for the second time, I was able to workout with Jenny until the beginning of my 8th month. I gained significantly less weight than I had during my first pregnancy, which made it much easier in the third trimester. I was not nearly as tired this time around and recovery post-baby was significantly better.

These days, I love going to the bootcamp classes to help me stay in shape. After almost four years of having Jenny in my life, I am amazed that am still learning so much from her and grateful that she is still a part of my "healthy routine". I continue to be inspired by her to push myself and still love to tell her about my fitness achievements!

Katie M.
I was spending $175 on my gym membership every month. I found that in order to maintain an ideal weight and fitness level, I had to be there at least 5 days a week for 30-45 mins. Unfortunately, with my work environment changing in the recession, I wasn't able to devote that kind of time to it. I canceled my membership and started working with Jenny 3 days a week for an hour and not only maintained, but got BETTER! I was able to spend less time at the gym, do workouts that were specifically designed to for ME and have a lot of fun with my trainer - a major stress reliever. The best investment I have ever made.

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